Cesarean Awareness Month

Before April ends and we head into May, I wanted to take the opportunity to recognize that April is Cesarean Awareness Month! Cesarean Awareness Month was started in an effort to educate women on cesarean birth. Having gone through a cesarean birth myself, one thing that is not talked about enough are the health effects that major surgery and scar tissue on the lower abdomen can cause. In Chinese medicine, we see the body as having several major energetic pathways, or meridians, many of which travel through the site of cesarean surgery. While the body can heal from cesarean birth, it may take extra time for the free flow of energy and blood at the surgery site to return to its previous state. There may be lingering pain, numbness, digestive, urinary or reproductive issues, even headaches, for years following the surgery.  

Did you know that acupuncture can be effective at softening scar tissue and restoring blood flow to the site of a surgery or injury? Your acupuncturist may use a few different modalities to treat your scar, including acupuncture surrounding the scar, Chinese herbal liniments or moxibustion, which is a traditional Chinese medicine procedure applying heat to an area on the body to invigorate blood flow. Acupuncture can help decrease your pain and improve your healing from a cesarean birth or other major surgery, so that you can get back to focusing on the things you love!

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