Photo by Prasanth Inturi on Pexels.com

I have had several acupuncture treatments with Mandy Keng to help lessen the side effects from cancer remission medications. She listened patiently to my long list of issues, from neuropathy to insomnia, memory loss to hot flashes, and even painful scar tissue. I experienced immediate improvement in my sleep patterns and I can now sleep completely through the night after each treatment. My scar tissue has reduced measurably in size. My hot flashes are much less frequent and less intense. We are still working on my memory and focus issues, but I have noticed significant improvement. (Notably, I haven’t gotten lost or forgotten what I was doing in over two weeks, and that’s a big improvement for me.) Additionally, she has helped to reduce my neuropathy and chronic pain, to the point where I can walk comfortably for nearly a mile. This was not possible prior to my first acupuncture treatment. I should also note that I’m not taking any prescription or OTC pain relievers for the issues I’ve listed, so my progress can be directly attributed to the acupuncture treatments I have received. I am beyond grateful for the personalized care and support I have received at Keng Acupuncture.